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Hidden camera


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This is a portable anti-theft electronic product with real-time monitoring function at any place where mobile phone signal can be received. It can be simply used in residence house, office, warehouse, workshop and etc. Its battery can support 48hr standby.


  1. Functions:

 (1) When the main unit of F300 detects moving body or sound, F300 will take          photos and send them to the monitoring mobile phone and record 30s video and store it   into TF card. (The detection distance of moving body is about 5m, and the sound   detection distance is based on the sensitivity of the pick-up of F300).

(2)The monitoring mobile phone can send a message for notifying the main unit of F300 for taking photo. The main unit of F300 after taking photo will send a multimedia message to the monitoring mobile phone.

(3)The monitoring mobile phone can send a message to notify the main unit of F300 for video recording for 1-99 minutes, and the video information is stored in TF card of F300.

(4)The monitoring mobile phone can monitor the situation of F300 by calling the main unit of F300.

(5)The monitoring mobile phone can modify the sensitivity of pick-up of F300 by sending MIC1-9 (1-9 indicating sensitivity, 1 refers to the highest sensitivity). (The default setting of sensitivity is 7)

(6)The main unit of F300 has infrared lamp for recording at night (the lamp is only turned on in case of insufficient light). The night viewing distance is about 4m.




 Body detecting distance   approximately 5m

 Sound control sensitivity  based on setting, 1 refers to the utmost sensitivity. It is recommended to set 5-7 for common environment.

 Night viewing distance  approximately 4m

 Angle of camera   60°

Video recording format   MOV

Video resolution ratio   400*200                                                                                             Photo format   JPEG (about 150KB/piece)

                              TF card          support 2G (support video recording for 6-7hr)

Battery        lithium battery 3.7V/500mAh (can be standby for 48hr)  Nokia BL-4C Power             5V 500mA

Receive at four frequencies    850 900 1800 1900

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